Friday, July 17, 2009

mega fail day 5

so.. day five was so hard and so bad... I didn't leave my bed till 4 and then went to work.. was hungry the whole day and didn't have shit for energy.. so I gave up and ate.. the cleans is a bad news if you push yourself.. i think that this is something you do when you chill... not exercise at all... just cleans... maybe do yoga and meditate.. but I couldn't even lift my bike today... I can't live with no energy and I ate.. so what.. 5 days

Thursday, July 16, 2009

day 4 is finally over

I worked out too much on this cleanse maybe... I rode my bike 7 miles today... did a 5 min row to 1000 m on the row machine... 15 pull ups... 30 dead lifts #135 and then 100 sit ups... I napped a bunch today.. meaning I fell asleep a lot... I had no energy.. not even any bursts.. I was just tired and wanted to sleep.. I couldn't chug all the SWF this morning... it made my stomach hurt.. it was too small to take it... and I kept sneezing and spitting out lougies... my nose was runny when I woke up but now it's fine... I weighed myself yesterday and I was 227... but today I was over 230.. I think the scales at the gym are set to be heavier so people will work out more cuz i can already tell I am losing weight... I'm not going to work out tomorrow unless I feel like I have energy.. I rented 4 movies and plan to watch then and lay around before work... it's getting hard not to want to eat... I think working out as hard as I have was a bad idea.,... it's just making me hungry... if I just did the cleans I am sure I would be fine... I can't wait till paleo... I want meat so bad... 6 more days

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

movie day ... three

day 3... the flush wasn't as gross... everything seemed good.. went to the gym 50 squats 45#... 50 hang cleans 65#... 100 crunches... 10 quick bench press 135# then sauna and pool... couldn't hang in the sauna too long.. made me sick... I was tired all day... I would have quick bursts of energy then burn out.... it sucked riding my bike today... did 10 miles today.. week as fuck... I'm not tired at the moment but I am going to sleep deeply... I've been falling asleep early every night but I think it's because wake up at 10 am eryday.... the bad thing about today... and i feel good about it... is that I went to see two movies... bruno and harry potter... both gay... but there is a BBQ place across the street from the theater.. the smell of the meats and the popcorn.. fuck.. i was losing my shit... but I didn't fail.. rad... I just suggest not to go to the theater while doing the master cleanse... oh and don't go see bruno or harry potter... I think I'm so hungry that if I squeez my fat I can taste food... like the old pizza and hot dogs...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

day 2.. pee butt

the sea salt wash was the worst thing about this so far I think.. I'm not going into detail.. it was just gross... but made me feel better about doing the cleanse... I woke up at 10am did the wash.. was done by noon.. fucked around and went for a bike ride.. 17 some miles then 50 push ups... 30 sit ups.. 80 scissors... 20 lunges... I found out I still have a gym membership... so I'm going there tomorrow.. I didn't drink any of the brine until around 12:30... I didn't finish it until 11:30.. i was so fucking hungry form around 8-10... it sucked... hunger pains... growling... but I just knew that I would drink the last of my juice and then get ready for bed... one more day down.. 12 to go... I am having the worst cravings ever... I think my body is having withdrawals from everything that made me fat in the first place... I know I'm not doing this to lose weight.. but I am pushing myself to the brink cuz I know that thinning is a side effect of cleanses... I the paleo to go back on the really cut all the unwanted weight.. well off to bed

Monday, July 13, 2009

the real first day

the first day didn't seem to bad... I didn't actually start drinking the brine until 2:30... I did some ups.. but no pull ups... did 35 push ups, 20 sit ups 60 scissors and 10 lunges... I know.. weak as fek... we'll see if I will have the energy off this diet to be able to do more than that... I finished my 60oz of juice around 10:45... I've had a headache for the last 3 hours... it seems everyone that does this gets one.. they say it's caffine withdrawll but I havn't been on the sauce for 3 days so that is hard to believe.. I think it's cuz i'm super hungry now... I'm deffinetly tired,.. I tried to ride my bike 20 miles today.. made it 5.4 miles... I forgot that I fucked up te front tire while I was in OH.. so I got it trued and I'm going to go ride after work... I decided not to drive my car the entire time either... so we'll see... I'm not worried.. 14 more days to go

The Before

Sunday, July 12, 2009

kind of fail

I bought the maple syrup for the cleanse.. it was $17 for 12oz... I will buy the lemons and drinking water later tonight... but I ate food today... real food... a sandwich and some Mediterranean delights.. then ice cream.... yeah.. fuck you.,.. it's hard being addicted to food,... I'll start tomorrow... riding my bike as well as other exercises... push ups, sit ups, pull ups... you know... all the ups.... I hope I have energy to do work like the ups... we'll see... till tomorrow I guess...