Monday, July 13, 2009

the real first day

the first day didn't seem to bad... I didn't actually start drinking the brine until 2:30... I did some ups.. but no pull ups... did 35 push ups, 20 sit ups 60 scissors and 10 lunges... I know.. weak as fek... we'll see if I will have the energy off this diet to be able to do more than that... I finished my 60oz of juice around 10:45... I've had a headache for the last 3 hours... it seems everyone that does this gets one.. they say it's caffine withdrawll but I havn't been on the sauce for 3 days so that is hard to believe.. I think it's cuz i'm super hungry now... I'm deffinetly tired,.. I tried to ride my bike 20 miles today.. made it 5.4 miles... I forgot that I fucked up te front tire while I was in OH.. so I got it trued and I'm going to go ride after work... I decided not to drive my car the entire time either... so we'll see... I'm not worried.. 14 more days to go

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