Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day off Friday

It rained all day till around six.. some places flooded.. Set a sad mood for the day.. At at arounds ten and fell asleep.. Woke up at 130... Tomorrow is halloween.. We'll see if I dress up...

It's a simple life.. But it's me

Thursday, October 29, 2009

North Side

I'm in a neighborhood I rarely go to... North side Chicago... It's good here.. Drink socially not drink to party... I am sick of the same party and the same people... The tat bros and the cool guys.. 5 years ago having this many tattoos wasn't cool.. and what you have now is just a warp tour body suit... You know just hands chest and throat.. Fuck off... Most those kids are pussies and get those tattoos to act hard.. Fake it till you make it kids... Us old doods know better.. And I'm not even that old... This is some real shit

It's a simple life.. But it's me

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The next step...

Someone gave me an idea to write a new blog.. I know I barely write this one.. But the other one would make more sence... Any way I'm looking into it.. Not sure yet... Today nothing happened.. Too tired to enjoy a beer.. Going to pass out soon.. My eyes won't stay open... Look what I found at army navy.. Go team.... Hahaha..

It's a simple life.. But it's me

 On my days off

All I do is sleep.. I can't help it... It's weird.. And when it's cold like it is I just want to stay inside... And that means stay in bed... The way things are I think I'm going to apply for food stamps.. Lame I know.. But shit isn't getting better... I do cook a lot now.. And have been eating at home more.. Not going out and drinking beer at home... But still I need to pay bills before shot gets real bad.. And I should sale some shit.. I'll attack craigslist tomorrow

It's a simple life.. But it's me

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For a Monday

Ita funny how when irrated you talk shit under your breath... When you are pushed into a corner your teeth show... And when you know that people are all talk it seems easier to strike... I am learning how to water color... I suck at it.. But I'm trying... In the last two days business has doubled this week than it has all month... Fucks me up a bit.. Money hasn't been tight for a while... I am learning how to live.. It's a middle line of happy for growth but sad for no freedom... No money means you can't even get a beer at a local bar... But you can drink a 6 at home for the same price... There really is no point to this except that I'm trying to post everyday because I have an app on my iPhone so I have no excuse.. The end

Monday, October 26, 2009

New shit to try out

I'm going to start updating from my phone.. See if this works