Friday, January 23, 2009

the joke is on you

I have this awesome joke I played on some kids.. and they fell hook line and sinker.. loved it... also went to a busy bar tonight.. girls I think liked me... this town is way better than NYC already.. but I'm not even 1 week in.. we'll see

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Face book and Mob Wars

is my new thing.. so lame I know.. hahahah... I'm in Chicago now.. this city seems pretty rad.. we'll see.. I've been way tired and unconnected so far.. I don't really have much to write about.. i mean i skipped writing yesterday.. it's not a bad thing I don't think... I am just draggin ass.. I'll get some sleep tonight, clear my head and hit it hard this weekend... I need a Thai massage though badly.. someone come and walk on my back...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

nothing really

today was blah.. i'm just all about this...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Everything ends

Like today it was my last day at Venus (till I come back)... I'm on my way to Albany, NY to hang with a very old friend.. Shit is going to be funny... I found out that the Murder City Devils are going to go on a small tour... They play Feb 14th (valemtimesdeh) in PDX.. Thinkin about going... Like fereals... I've seen them play 3 times and it was the best.. I kah nee dat... I can't wait to go work at a real shop again where I pierce more than just ears... Then I can post some sweet pics.. Thanks for reading my blog

the sound of music

I forgot how good rock and roll is.. i haven't really listened to any for a while... Alice cooper album love it to death and billion dollar babies are so effin good.. and the murder city devils... always amazing.. I have been studying the music a bit.. i want to start writing again so I want to have a good sound foundation.. I think those bands are good aspiration... I helped a girl out today.. she broke the heel off her shoe... I carry various tools in my messenger bag.. along with a first aid kit, and SOL kit and an epinephrine pen and a bite kit... I used some stuff to fix her shoe.. she gave me her number and $20.. I hope her shoe held up... I think I need to take more pics of my piercings I do... and post stuff on here as well... I know people like pics.. I did some conch punching today at 4mm and stretched to a 2g... i wish I had pics of that.. they look fantastic... well... I'm going to take a shower and hit the sack.. last day at work tomorrow... I hope everyone tips huge...