Monday, June 28, 2010

New business cards

I miss having a real classy simple card... To push the limit of what you usually see in the piercing or tattoo industry... Having an image or design is over done... My old card when I worked in salt lake was nice... White front with silver foil.. A simple graphic on the back with my info... I got them done at they were $90 for 1000 as far as I remember... Since then I've ordered cards from other places and haven't been that satisfied... Ao I'm going back...

I emailed to get some samples of what other options I have... I got a little booklet of about 30 cards, some stickers and plastic cards they do... I got set on the foil cards, this time gold foil on black... This time I'm going to add a little charm... The "pinstruck by" slogan is coming back, and using spot UV printing it will be the look of a water mark next to my name in gold foil... With the silk card matte card stock not only will it look good, it feels nice on your fingers making people want to hold and read the card longer... I looked into ordering 2000 with the foil, UV, full color back and front with rounded edges will be about $250... Pretty much can't beat that price... Anywhere... is bar far, since I've been in this industry, the beat place to get cards, no matter how simple or fancy...

Here is a pic of my old card

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