Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's been a minute.. back to no good

I'm in Lansing still... if I haven't told anyoen yet but it is no shave November... So that meand Novembeard.. it's gettin pretty large and burly... I want to shave my neck.. but I'm so use to it that I'm jsut going to let it fly... I'm trying to let it just go for as long as I can... I'll post some pics of it tomorrow I promise... I got a job offer in Chicago... I'm going to go check it out... I don't really have use for SLC anymore.. it seems ever sence I left my friends just are ok with me being gone.. it was like nothing changed... it hurts to say but life happens regardless of if I'm here or not, as selfish as it is to say.. but I'm living for me now.. and I can't try to make them happy by staying there, I know they want me to.. but their actions say otherwise... When I moved from MT to UT 2 of my friends came to visit... one of them ended up moving there but we never realy hang out... I mean when I left Montana I just packed up and left... I bet I'll do the same this time... just up and leave... just say goodbye and not come back.,.. Maybe I should tell them... I realy wanted to open a shop there too... but I needed help from my friends to do it... I don't mind doing the work.. but if they want to be a part of it too, maybe they should show a bit more interest then is being shown... What will they say when I tell them I'm not coming back... will they care.. will they visit me.... I'm trying not to look at it like I do.. but I'm sure you knwo what I think... I'm trying to get to NYC before I go to CHitown... I hate NYC but I think this time is going to be different.. I'm a bit more prepaired and am a different person, I think I can manage this time... we'll see... oh I made a little dance mix and am posting this bitch on here... hit it up... and shake yo dick