Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

wzzin by

today I made a new business card.. real stoked about it.. it is who I am.. I feel like it really speaks to me.. the meaning behind it is huge.. I like how well it fit together and I realized that designing it was easy and took little thought.. just fell together... I did some venom's today.. I'll take a pic when they come to get it changed... i met up with an old friend and went to dinner.. it was nice... but uneventful... I like it here a lot... I did live band karaoke as well at a place full of 20something girls and 30something guys.. all super plastic fake tan types... the rawk was rad.. the crowd suck... i was asked if I was a professional... a pro at what.. karaoke or singing or just being awesome.. I picked awesome...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

As Gay as it sounds

I want to fall in love.. Like fer real.. It's been ferever... I want to love someone as much as they love me.. And just be stoked about it... I haven't been stoked on someone for a long time... I miss it.. I want it... Granted I won't be looking for it.. All I'm saying is that I hope it happens.. Like fer real happens... You know.. The I'd do anything for love - meatloaf type deal... I'm being optamistic right now because I like the way it makes me feel... But knowing me I'll make myself sick at the thought of commitment.. So right now.. Bring it.. I'll work on not shutting myself off of the idea... Yeah.. I party