Tuesday, July 14, 2009

day 2.. pee butt

the sea salt wash was the worst thing about this so far I think.. I'm not going into detail.. it was just gross... but made me feel better about doing the cleanse... I woke up at 10am did the wash.. was done by noon.. fucked around and went for a bike ride.. 17 some miles then 50 push ups... 30 sit ups.. 80 scissors... 20 lunges... I found out I still have a gym membership... so I'm going there tomorrow.. I didn't drink any of the brine until around 12:30... I didn't finish it until 11:30.. i was so fucking hungry form around 8-10... it sucked... hunger pains... growling... but I just knew that I would drink the last of my juice and then get ready for bed... one more day down.. 12 to go... I am having the worst cravings ever... I think my body is having withdrawals from everything that made me fat in the first place... I know I'm not doing this to lose weight.. but I am pushing myself to the brink cuz I know that thinning is a side effect of cleanses... I the paleo to go back on the really cut all the unwanted weight.. well off to bed

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