Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wino forever

I would have posted this earlier but I can't stop laughing... Last night I went to an art show with a few goals set.. A get wasted on free booze.. #2 hope that someone puts me on missed connections... Now the deal is is that I don't fit in at an art show... and this one was full of bike dorks... So like usual I was a sore thumb... The bad thing was that the beer was too foamy to wait for... So I drank wine... Wine in a fucking plastic cup... I was suppose to dress to impress and I didn't care to impress anyone... I mean look what I was up against

The place smelled like a litter box from all the dirty bike kids... And i was getting wasted.. Fast... And so were my friends

Kristen likes a wine drunk

Brandon mixed and matched... Now the wine made everything seem slow but super silly.. I was giggling like fuck at everything... Brandon and i went downstairs to explore and took some drinks of a liquore that didn't help matters

The best painting there.. It says "cant swim" its stupid now.. But i loved it...

This was the only real cool part but it was short lived... We had to get more white wine

And she didn't even notice... I kept laughing because Kristen was trying to zip it up without her knowing...

I stole an ice pick... Spilled wine all over myself

These guys tried to sale me satanic propaganda

I went and pissed outside and this guy kept dancing by me and tried to look at my peen

The party raged on... Then something inside me had enough...

And on the way home.. After running outside and laying by the car text messaging my friends that i was by their car.. But the text came out like this (actual text) Z I'm out at your cAr.... Laulyin next to ultou car..... Ll be by your car.... I don't remember getting in the car but when i woke up i remembered i puked... And i really did...

Poor lil guy... Wine drunk is bad news... I never thought being a cartoon character could be so fun but turn out so bad... Thanks for the night guys.. It foes down in the books as the best mistake....
It's a simple life.. But it's me

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today.. Tired.. Give up the fight

I like sleep a lot.. But only If it feels like it's constant... When I nap it's not.. And then I'm still just tired... The problem is I get super sleepy when I read.. And I got this new book... And I read a bit then fall asleep.. Wake up cuz I stop breathing then fall back to sleep.. Making me drowsy... Then I don't want to go out or do anything.. It's like when you were a kid and fell asleep before your mom got home... Then everyone eats and you wake up to an empty house because everyone left and you have a warm plate of food and you are confused to where everyone is... So you wonder around the house lookig in all the rooms crying.. Where is everyone... Why didn't they wake me up... Am I going to be alone forever... Tears down the face.. Well it's like that.. But I don't cry.. I just think about takig a sleeping pill and going back to sleep.. What's a guy to do...

It's a simple life.. But it's me

To understand death you must challege it

I mean really.. Sky diving.. Bungey jumping.. Driving drunk.. Mixing drugs.. Unprotected sex.. Bar fights... smoking... Fuck just walking down the street can get you killed... But we still do it.. Why... Cuz we want to die... No way we are all scared of the enevitable.. But really.. Life would be boring if we just waited for the end instead of testing those waters... I mean I drank three beers.. A shot of whiskey and just took a sleeping pill.. If that's not redlining it I don't know what is... But then again.. I don't speedball... I like girls

It's a simple life.. But it's me

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Life lesson for everyone

Things aren't really that cool if you just get it right away.. Instant gratification is good for two seconds then the novelty wears off.. Work for something for once.. You'll appreciate the end result.. I'll put money on it

It's a simple life.. But it's me