Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pissin in Butts

The act is known as a "Bee Sting"... It could probably, in my mind... Be the worst thing that you could do sexually before you start getting into poo poo eating... Living in Utah for the last few years really got me trained... That state is sexually repressed... Very... I think if you go to the sex offender registry in SLC it seems like someone sneezed on a map of the city with a bloody nose... Most woman even in their 40's haven't even had an orgasm... I know that this is a common thing every where.. But there are a lot of woman with huge fake breasts in salt lake.. Who are fit.. And very sexually attractive... And for what... Why do they do it.. So they can have sex without a finish... No!... It's to get a husband... So they can go to heaven.... So in turn.. This makes having sex with these girls very easy.. Because they think it will get them close to a man... It's just not regular sex that you can have with these woman.. They want and will tell you that they want to do very dirty things... Just to get you to stay or be with them... I've fed into it for the last 3 years... And I realized that I'm bored because there is nothing more that a sea of 6's that you don't even have to kiss to fuck... It is truly more challenging to just get a date with a 6 outside of Utah... Basically this rant ends with this... Utah is the most disgusting state in the union... Due to the fact of no separation of church and state... People live a sick life of lies and sexual addictions... I could be a part of this.. I haven't figured that out yet,.. But I do know that I feel like Utah gave me a Bee Sting because I'm scared to move away from it because I might actually have to work at hanging out with girls... And it's humiliating to admit.. That I'm really not that cool or attractive.. It's like admitting I have pee in my butt

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Opportunity in L.A.

I fly back to Utah on thurs... then fly to L.A. for a day to check out a shop that needs a piercer and manager... I don't know how to feel about this because the owners don't know anything about the industry... but they want it to be super high end.... apparently the whole place is hands free and has flat screen TV's all over with ipod jacks and shit in them.. nuts... there is also some other things that were said... I will not be post them yet due to the fact that it sounded very cheese dick and I don't want this to seem retarded... but I will take pics... post them on sunday or something.... wish me luck.. because I'm not putting any eggs in this basket.. yet

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Buffalo, NY

It's been interesting here... I can't really describe what it's like yet because my stay isn't over... But trying to do things alone isn't very motavating... I had my camera on me every night but still took less pictures here than I did at my dads funeral... But to let you know... I did go to Niagra Falls today and took pics under the falls in a pair of shorty shorts... Pics soon... It sucks to not have a computer... But I promise things will get going for this blog...