Saturday, July 11, 2009

I could end up hating myself

today I am embarking on a journey... the master cleanse... I start Monday for at least 10 days... I'm going to try for 15... today I started eating soft foods, veggie broth.. bananas and maybe a salad for a treat... tomorrow same thing.. soft foods.. basically shrink your stomach with solids before you start to starve yourself... I've read things about this master cleanse... I was never really into it because I didn't eat that crappy until i hit the road in august of last year... and when I came to Chicago it was worse.. the pizza here is too good... so I feel bound up.. full of junk and my belly has swollen a bit... I've gained 20lbs and become sluggish... the point is clear the system, exercise as much as I can without making myself sick from lack of intake... and then go strictly Paleo for the rest of my dying years... Paleo was the only "diet" that I was on that wasn't hard.. it made me feel great and I lost weight because my body didn't need to "store energy" because it was using the energy I was eating... blah blah blah.. I know.. boring... so I'm going to take some pics today and after the 15 days I'll take an other one to see if this cleans really sheds body weight and not just old shit in your bowels... as far as I know.,.. you drink lemon juiced spiced up with junk and then pee out of your ass... why do people do this... why am I going to do this... because i actually think it'll make me feel better... we'll see... wish me luck... I'll be posting every day about how I feel and what my body is doing through out this cleanse