Saturday, December 19, 2009

I know how to blog... The simple steps to not be boring

Number one... Don't write about your personal life... Seriously... No one cares.. Oh.. And you suck

#b post pics.. Stop writing.. Fuckin post pics.. Don't post pics of things you hate.. Like cargo shorts... Post pics of you making an ass out of yourself and pics of things that suck around you then talk shit on those things... Well mostly ugly people or scenester faggots (not the gay kind)

#% post newdz... Everyone loves sex even if it's gross sex.. You've banged an ugly guy.. Admit it.. It felt good when it first went in and you were impressed how fast you made him cum... Or you fucked a way fat girl and you were stoked how many times "she came" you know.. It was like a hundred times...

So. Yeah... Learn how to blog.. And P fukin esss don't spell check it's for teachers and uptight women who want to fuck their dads... So pretty much just teachers (male teachers are actually woman that want to fuck their dads)


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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Being a lab rat

I singed up to be selected for a human testing of MDMA... I hope I get picked.. It seems so retarded.. To sit in a lab.. Be moniteres by a scientist... Watch a movie or whatever and take a pure drug... Count me in.. Crazy drug in a safe place.. Yeah man..


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I just want to go home

When you are at a bar and their special is $3.50 you call.. You get a bit loose.. It's even a lil more wylde when it's just you and a couple friends.. The place is empty and you got control of the juke box... The bathroom has terrible graffiti and a huge mirror this is what happens

But when its said and done.. And you are almost falling asleep on the train... And the bus stops going to your house after 2am and you didnt know it.. You get pretty bummed out.. Even when you just find a lonely dead rat in the street you think thats how you end up

BuT you make it home... Finally with a light for a head

I woke up hung over and confused.. I saw your boyfriend get off the bus at the same stop I did..

And the worst camel toe ever.. It looks like a front butt... Zoom in... She could feel that she had it cuz she kept trying to pull her shirt down.. Poor girl.. I bet she was chaffed...


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not that life is boring

I have just been lazy... lazy in a good way... just taking a break and going with the flow... taking pics.. going out... avoiding the cold while still having fun.... so... I went to a burlesque show that didn't really gross me out due to fatness...

there was a girl reppin chanika but she danced to a spanish song and looked like frida without the uni brow...
I took all these pics to post but I forgot why... the fact is .... I partied... it's warmer than it should be... and I'm happy... this is a pretty good December so far... I want it to be the new year and a new beginning but with this attitude please... thanks... now more pics