Thursday, July 16, 2009

day 4 is finally over

I worked out too much on this cleanse maybe... I rode my bike 7 miles today... did a 5 min row to 1000 m on the row machine... 15 pull ups... 30 dead lifts #135 and then 100 sit ups... I napped a bunch today.. meaning I fell asleep a lot... I had no energy.. not even any bursts.. I was just tired and wanted to sleep.. I couldn't chug all the SWF this morning... it made my stomach hurt.. it was too small to take it... and I kept sneezing and spitting out lougies... my nose was runny when I woke up but now it's fine... I weighed myself yesterday and I was 227... but today I was over 230.. I think the scales at the gym are set to be heavier so people will work out more cuz i can already tell I am losing weight... I'm not going to work out tomorrow unless I feel like I have energy.. I rented 4 movies and plan to watch then and lay around before work... it's getting hard not to want to eat... I think working out as hard as I have was a bad idea.,... it's just making me hungry... if I just did the cleans I am sure I would be fine... I can't wait till paleo... I want meat so bad... 6 more days

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