Friday, January 16, 2009

Karaoke Trash

I'm in Brooklyn at the Trash Bar... I just sang "is it my body" by Alice Cooper, Rawk jumps and all... The funny thing about it is that the scenesters took me too seriously and got mad that I did the damn thing... I think they cut the song short and now I bet I won't be called up again.... Remember that one time I Karaokied with with the HPP crew in Eugene, OR... Yeah.. I do too.. And it was serious business... Sometimes people can't handle the truth, that they just ain't cut out for anything more than "rockband" at home wif they frendz...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

All day I dream about SIKASFEK!

I leave NYC Tuesday and fly out to Chicago... I think I wrote that a Brazilian times sorry if I did... the last day of work for me here is like Sat. or Sun. so I think I'm going to Albany Sunday night and coming back Monday afternoon then hopefully having a going away dinner... (side note.. I think writing everyday and spell checking has helped me be aware of my terrible grammar and spelling, the end)... There is a girl that invited me up to Albany that I went to grade school with.. weird I know.. but shit, if I have nothing to do might as well do it... I day dreamed about my own piercing shop and what it'd be like inside and how different it'd be from everything else in SLC... I think I can pull it off because I'm not from Utah and I've been around and seen what I can offer... I also dreamed about me playing music again... thinking about the old Jays Upstairs days.. The White Burch.. the Union hall... some of the greatest Craziest times... how could it be legal for an 18 year old that is still attending high school to work at a place like Jay's... I'll never regret it.. miss it... mostly the music and the fact that I use to be in a band and wrote.. I need to get back into that... NOW!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wanna Play Repeater

had the day off today... ended up with an other "good morning" (the hot dog) in my belly... loved it... I went to the Halloween Store and I had the best idea... I want to rent a grizzly bear costume and try to go to gay bars... if I was wearing a leather vest and ass less chaps (which all chaps are mind you) it would be even better... I tried on a bunch of masks and for some reason I fit in every single one that it seemed to become me... super creepy.. there was a pic taken and I'll try to get it.. with some other pics from my friend Mackie from SLC.. she is here for a bit and I showed her around.. I met up with an old friend Ed.. he works at coffee shop and gave me a new taste for fresh coffee... it was pretty amazing... today was amazing in some sense I also got new thermal undies and now I need to go to sleep... till tomorrow fekkers.. oh P.S. new work gahfobit (god forbid) yeah.. I actually heard someone on the streets say it... sikasfek

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Best Meal

A hot dog wrapped in bacon with a fried egg and cheese on a bun... 
this could be my favorite meal in my life... I was scared at first but it was very Delicious... I only have a few more days in NYC, I fly out  Tuesday afternoon... and then off to Chicago, I think after that I need somewhere warm... Vegas there is a job, but I know the shop sucks but at least I can fly to SLC and grab my car and drive that shit there, I mean I am still paying for it might as well use it... I had a deep conversation with (oh no now I'm naming names) Lazer and what is to come in the next few years... I miss my friends a lot... I miss having a home and I think it's time to settle, I can't roam forever... I love NYC but the amount of money here compared to the cost of living is a waste of time... and it bums me out.. but hey.. maybe I'll get my own TV show the day before I leave... wishful thinking

Monday, January 12, 2009


it's very cold in the shop today... I updated all the naked wars shit and posted a fek ton of things... if you care... you should... there has been no one in the shop today so I took advantage of the time and used a computer for good and not evil... I'm currently playing 20 questions via text message and shit is getting silly... I have billions of questions to ask people if I get a chance.. but when people have to ask a question they don't know what to ask.. get deep is what I think.. ask a question that will throw a wrench in my bran gears please.. I am hungry for a challenge

a helping hand

I hung out with some old friends tonight at Apt 138.. had a great dinner and ended up chatting their ears off for 4 hours.. nuts... I was just stoked to see them... I look up to them.. they don't know it, but may now... I'm not stating any reasons for those are my secrets but it just made me happy to see them... I let them know how I felt about my life and the biggest thing I've realized is that nothing holds me back except myself... it seems to be something I repeat to myself daily... but like every good slogan it becomes just a slogan... I thought that I wasn't holding myself back.. I was doing the damn thing... but I got on the train.. the loneliest place in the city... and got lost (nothing strange about that, I do it a lot) and had some thinkin time... I have a dream and a goal, and for some reason I thing I can change the world... I think I'm good enough that people will want to listen to me... that is why I started this blog... I wanted to post pics vids and all kinds of stuff... but I slack... and I realized it tonight... so now... everyday I will write, post or whatever I can (since I can do this from my phone as well) I have no excuse... I will no longer be lazy.. i will no longer be the damn that holds back the flood... I want people to know me.. this is the best way for it... thank you for showing me exactly what I needed to see... sometimes I just need to listen to my own advice