Saturday, December 27, 2008

In a huge city

It seems I find a familiar place.. I bump into people I've known from my past.. or see the same people around the city like they fallow me... I got lost last night... the A train from Jay st to Utica was closed... I had to get to the G but grabbed the wrong shuttle buss and ended up in a mass frenzy then to Utica.... from Utica I was told I had to go back to Jay.. I got on the right bus and headed to my stop... while on the bus a black lesbian wanted to talk to me about my stretched ears and tattoos, she gave me her number and wanted to take me to the Dyke bars... she told me she hated blacks.. she was racist and she never picks up guys but totally wanted to hang out with me... haahahha.. fuck man.,.. this city... I bumped into this kid from SLC at the movies on Christ day (WTF in NYC... yeah fer realz) ... He's a cool kid.. i guess he lives here... we are going to meet up tonight and do the damn thing.. I'm Equipped with my camera so hopefully it's worth it... thanks for reading... I want you inside me