Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Best Meal

A hot dog wrapped in bacon with a fried egg and cheese on a bun... 
this could be my favorite meal in my life... I was scared at first but it was very Delicious... I only have a few more days in NYC, I fly out  Tuesday afternoon... and then off to Chicago, I think after that I need somewhere warm... Vegas there is a job, but I know the shop sucks but at least I can fly to SLC and grab my car and drive that shit there, I mean I am still paying for it might as well use it... I had a deep conversation with (oh no now I'm naming names) Lazer and what is to come in the next few years... I miss my friends a lot... I miss having a home and I think it's time to settle, I can't roam forever... I love NYC but the amount of money here compared to the cost of living is a waste of time... and it bums me out.. but hey.. maybe I'll get my own TV show the day before I leave... wishful thinking

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