Thursday, January 15, 2009

All day I dream about SIKASFEK!

I leave NYC Tuesday and fly out to Chicago... I think I wrote that a Brazilian times sorry if I did... the last day of work for me here is like Sat. or Sun. so I think I'm going to Albany Sunday night and coming back Monday afternoon then hopefully having a going away dinner... (side note.. I think writing everyday and spell checking has helped me be aware of my terrible grammar and spelling, the end)... There is a girl that invited me up to Albany that I went to grade school with.. weird I know.. but shit, if I have nothing to do might as well do it... I day dreamed about my own piercing shop and what it'd be like inside and how different it'd be from everything else in SLC... I think I can pull it off because I'm not from Utah and I've been around and seen what I can offer... I also dreamed about me playing music again... thinking about the old Jays Upstairs days.. The White Burch.. the Union hall... some of the greatest Craziest times... how could it be legal for an 18 year old that is still attending high school to work at a place like Jay's... I'll never regret it.. miss it... mostly the music and the fact that I use to be in a band and wrote.. I need to get back into that... NOW!

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