Monday, January 12, 2009

a helping hand

I hung out with some old friends tonight at Apt 138.. had a great dinner and ended up chatting their ears off for 4 hours.. nuts... I was just stoked to see them... I look up to them.. they don't know it, but may now... I'm not stating any reasons for those are my secrets but it just made me happy to see them... I let them know how I felt about my life and the biggest thing I've realized is that nothing holds me back except myself... it seems to be something I repeat to myself daily... but like every good slogan it becomes just a slogan... I thought that I wasn't holding myself back.. I was doing the damn thing... but I got on the train.. the loneliest place in the city... and got lost (nothing strange about that, I do it a lot) and had some thinkin time... I have a dream and a goal, and for some reason I thing I can change the world... I think I'm good enough that people will want to listen to me... that is why I started this blog... I wanted to post pics vids and all kinds of stuff... but I slack... and I realized it tonight... so now... everyday I will write, post or whatever I can (since I can do this from my phone as well) I have no excuse... I will no longer be lazy.. i will no longer be the damn that holds back the flood... I want people to know me.. this is the best way for it... thank you for showing me exactly what I needed to see... sometimes I just need to listen to my own advice

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