Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wanna Play Repeater

had the day off today... ended up with an other "good morning" (the hot dog) in my belly... loved it... I went to the Halloween Store and I had the best idea... I want to rent a grizzly bear costume and try to go to gay bars... if I was wearing a leather vest and ass less chaps (which all chaps are mind you) it would be even better... I tried on a bunch of masks and for some reason I fit in every single one that it seemed to become me... super creepy.. there was a pic taken and I'll try to get it.. with some other pics from my friend Mackie from SLC.. she is here for a bit and I showed her around.. I met up with an old friend Ed.. he works at coffee shop and gave me a new taste for fresh coffee... it was pretty amazing... today was amazing in some sense I also got new thermal undies and now I need to go to sleep... till tomorrow fekkers.. oh P.S. new work gahfobit (god forbid) yeah.. I actually heard someone on the streets say it... sikasfek

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