Monday, January 31, 2011

The willingness to do work

Work has many different meanings. Physical or mental, the practicality of a person, place or thing. Moving towards a goal, traveling from point A to point B, cultivation, influencing, what ever it is, it's work and work is not easy.
There is something that has to be present, an element, a drive, a composition, attitude, heart, a willingness, to sacrifice yourself for it. To put just a little extra out there, in order to get less than nothing back. It's not about giving up a dollar to get five back, it's about trying to squeeze a dime out of two pennies and knowing that is the only way the you can do the job. Without cutting corners, without taking off the top, no cheating involved, work is not dishonest. It's compromise, selflessly giving, pushing, never taking, going going going, still knowing that after completion you still have to do work. The willingness.
The willingness is what I have, and work is what I do. To express who i am, I build, create, till, sow, push, lift, think, feel, comprehend, condense, live. Work and the willingness to do work defines me and explained to people who I am, tha I am willing to expel blood sweat and tears, put it on the line and for what, just to do the task at hand. Not to be put on a pedestal or to be rewarded, validated by anyone else, just for a piece of mind, that I did something positive. That I changed events, that I made someone happy even if I didn't see the smile or hear the laugh, that I am reliable, make a difference, stand out, be an individual. All these things are a positive outcome, but not an instant harvest, the amount put in is greater than the crop, anyone that does work, work as in the meaning of work, knows. I do work, to change how I feel about me, to change the world. The willingness to do work

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes we need to be still and silent too. Be happy in whatever you do