Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today.. Tired.. Give up the fight

I like sleep a lot.. But only If it feels like it's constant... When I nap it's not.. And then I'm still just tired... The problem is I get super sleepy when I read.. And I got this new book... And I read a bit then fall asleep.. Wake up cuz I stop breathing then fall back to sleep.. Making me drowsy... Then I don't want to go out or do anything.. It's like when you were a kid and fell asleep before your mom got home... Then everyone eats and you wake up to an empty house because everyone left and you have a warm plate of food and you are confused to where everyone is... So you wonder around the house lookig in all the rooms crying.. Where is everyone... Why didn't they wake me up... Am I going to be alone forever... Tears down the face.. Well it's like that.. But I don't cry.. I just think about takig a sleeping pill and going back to sleep.. What's a guy to do...

It's a simple life.. But it's me

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