Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the first pic post in a while

well I finally got ahold of a computer.. sent a pic from my phone to my email.. and now I'm going to post it on here for yalls to enjoy.. her name is raider... and she was my best friend for the last couple days... I took vids of her and I and some other pics but they are on my cam and can't get them off just yet.. so till then this is all you get.. I'll just tell you this.. the situation I was in basicly made my month... and I'm very happy I took a chance... very happy

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Mistress Macabre said...

Cute picture... I love it. Well, I know we don't know each other, but for some reason, something made me want to follow and read your blogs. You seem like a fucking awesome person, and I hope that everything is going better for you. I really do wish I had the chance to meet you, because I'm a lonely person... :( I need friends, and you seem like a person I would love to hang out with. Anyways... Enough of my tangent... Just wanted to tell you that you and your little buddy are both absolutely adorable.