Sunday, January 18, 2009

the sound of music

I forgot how good rock and roll is.. i haven't really listened to any for a while... Alice cooper album love it to death and billion dollar babies are so effin good.. and the murder city devils... always amazing.. I have been studying the music a bit.. i want to start writing again so I want to have a good sound foundation.. I think those bands are good aspiration... I helped a girl out today.. she broke the heel off her shoe... I carry various tools in my messenger bag.. along with a first aid kit, and SOL kit and an epinephrine pen and a bite kit... I used some stuff to fix her shoe.. she gave me her number and $20.. I hope her shoe held up... I think I need to take more pics of my piercings I do... and post stuff on here as well... I know people like pics.. I did some conch punching today at 4mm and stretched to a 2g... i wish I had pics of that.. they look fantastic... well... I'm going to take a shower and hit the sack.. last day at work tomorrow... I hope everyone tips huge...

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